Quick and Easy Tips on How to Learn Typing

Typing in a correct and efficient manner can be a frustrating experience for some people at first. This guide will discuss some quick and easy tips on how to learn typing. It does not have to be difficult.

One of the first things that you need to learn is an area on the keyboard called home row. These are the keys of a, s, d, f, j, k, l, and ;. You will need to keep your fingers on or near these keys at all times. Your left hand will line up as follows: pinkie-a, ring finger-s, middle finger-d, and first finger-f. You then need to line up your right hand as so: first finger-j, middle finger-k, ring finger-l, and pinkie-;. This may seem odd, but lining up your hands on home row each time you type will ensure accuracy and speed. You will also need to keep your hands based on home row when reaching for other letters and numbers.

Once you have the home row down you will need to practice all of the keys. The best way to learn to type is by using repetition. Although this will feel like a monotonous exercise, but even the most skilled and experienced typists learned in the very same way. You may want to purchase software or even take a training course to perfect all of your typing skills. This would be especially helpful if typing is involved in your future career.

When you first begin you will find yourself looking at the keys quite often, but the key to being a good typist is to learn not to look. When typing in a professional setting you will often need to look at information while typing. Looking away will cause a great deal of error.

Don’t be intimidated when trying to learn typing. With lots of repetition and plenty of practice you will find yourself typing like an expert in no time at all.

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