Learn Spanish DVD – Fad Or Fabulous?

It is not difficult to learn a language such as Spanish, especially with new technology products such as a Learn Spanish DVD. Lets face it, every child eventually learns a language by the age of three or four. Adults do learn in a different way to children, but for an English speaking adult to learn Spanish is not difficult. Many of us have been put off by bad experiences in school from teachers using traditional classroom methods, some of which haven’t kept up with advances in educational learning and technology.

You shouldn’t need to be an astrophysicist to follow a Spanish course. It shouldn’t have tons of complicated grammar rules; rather it should have simple constructs which you start using right away. From the simple constructs, the other variations can easily be learnt. Similarly the course shouldn’t try to make you a “Phone Directory Learner”. These are students who are forced to study huge volumes of grammar and lists of words. This is basically a waste of time. This is not a natural way to learn Spanish and is not efficient nor effective use of time. Modern ways of learning Spanish such as a Learn Spanish DVD don’t suffer from these problems, but get you up and running in days rather than months.

Some of my students tell me they have been studying Spanish until 12th grade and still can’t order a book a taxi over the phone. This may be because some people are either taught the wrong course or they are taught a course which doesn’t reflect their learning style. Adults have learning differences to children and it is important not to try to learn in the same way.

The most important thing to know when you are starting to learn a new language, is to know what type of learner you are. The three main types of learner being Auditory, Visual and Kinetic.

These three types of learner absorb information in different ways so it is import to:

  • recognize which type you are
  • choose a Spanish course which reinforces your learner type

So, having taken the first step having the desire to learn Spanish, you are on your way. Learning Spanish helps not only your natural English language skills but opens up the whole Hispanic world to you, for business, travel and pleasure opportunities.

However, desire alone is not enough. You also need a willingness to learn. That is you must DO IT rather than WISH IT. An average person can learn enough Spanish to get by in most situations and hold authentic Spanish conversation is about 200 hours if they are willing to put in the leg work.

The kind of Spanish you learn in these 200 hours is however critical. Many students follow courses and end up not being able to get by in a Spanish speaking country i.e. the Spanish they learn is useless. The Spanish course you choose must be a practical course, with useful stuff you can put into use right away.

A Spanish course needs to be modern using both sound clips and videos of real life Spanish situations, so a Learn Spanish DVD is an obvious fit. The course needs to cover the three basic learning types described above. It needs to be fun and engaging as this is the way adults learn best.

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