Quick and Easy Tips on How to Learn Typing

Typing in a correct and efficient manner can be a frustrating experience for some people at first. This guide will discuss some quick and easy tips on how to learn typing. It does not have to be difficult.

One of the first things that you need to learn is an area on the keyboard called home row. These are the keys of a, s, d, f, j, k, l, and ;. You will need to keep your fingers on or near these keys at all times. Your left hand will line up as follows: pinkie-a, ring finger-s, middle finger-d, and first finger-f. You then need to line up your right hand as so: first finger-j, middle finger-k, ring finger-l, and pinkie-;. This may seem odd, but lining up your hands on home row each time you type will ensure accuracy and speed. You will also need to keep your hands based on home row when reaching for other letters and numbers.

Once you have the home row down you will need to practice all of the keys. The best way to learn to type is by using repetition. Although this will feel like a monotonous exercise, but even the most skilled and experienced typists learned in the very same way. You may want to purchase software or even take a training course to perfect all of your typing skills. This would be especially helpful if typing is involved in your future career.

When you first begin you will find yourself looking at the keys quite often, but the key to being a good typist is to learn not to look. When typing in a professional setting you will often need to look at information while typing. Looking away will cause a great deal of error.

Don’t be intimidated when trying to learn typing. With lots of repetition and plenty of practice you will find yourself typing like an expert in no time at all.

Learn Typing With Typing Games

For children, the ability of using the computer is becoming fundamental in nowadays, so learning to type is must for them. But most children get bored with any repetitious task and give up or whine and even want to stop, parents or teachers always feel nothing else bother them more than when children face the keyboard and have absolutely no idea where the keys are or how they go about typing. They just “play” with the keyboard. This is a waste of time for them and, worse, children get into the bad habit of typing with two fingers. So parents or teachers have to face how to solve this problem.

As parents and teachers know, whether children want to learn a thing or not largely depends on whether they are attracted by it. Based on this, the typing tutor must be easy-to-use, fun colorful and appealing to children. Once children love and develop interest in it, they will learn to type on their own initiative. Generally, children naturally like to play games, because when playing games, they are always attracted by the colorful interface and pretty music in the games, and above all, they’re able to learn something quickly under no pressure. Apparently, the problem for children having no interest in learning to type is solved, they can learn to type when playing games.

There are many advantages of using typing games for typing: First, Games are a welcome break from the usual routine of the typing practice, thus help children learn typing more easily. Second, Typing requires a great deal of effort. Games help children to make and sustain the effort of learning. Third, Games are highly motivating since they are amusing and at the same time challenging.

There are lots of interesting typing games which also help to make typing fun. GS Typing Tutor is just one. The aim of this program is to make typing fun whilst increasing accuracy and speed. The feature-rich typing software supports 5 typing games: Rats in the garden, attacks of the alien, help, balloon, and card. The typing games each include 23 basic typing lessons. Taking the basic lessons, children can learn to type from the home row keys to other basic keys. The basic exercises also help them to be familiar with the keyboard layout step-by-step.

Each game is easy-to-use, fun colorful and appealing to children:

1: Rats in the garden Children mission is to eliminate the rats in the garden. Then they should type the letter before the rats escape. If children type the wrong letter or type slowly, the rats will escape under their nose. So they have to type correctly and fast in case the rats escape. The game is fun!

2: Attacks of the alien Children mission is to stop the alien fleets to attack the earth. So they must type letters before the alien fleets through the galaxy into the earth. By playing the game, children type the letters, and can be familiar with the keys. With children accelerating the typing speed, the alien fleets fly rapidly, so they have to type quickly in case the earth is attacked by the alien fleets.

3: Help! A bad man has held a boy under duress. So children must help the soldier to rescue the boy by typing the letter. If their typing speed is slow, the boy’s life is under danger. Once children succeed to rescue the boy, the boy will laugh loudly for thanking.

4: Balloon Falling Letters are ruining the balloons. Save the balloons by typing the letters before the balloons land on the ground. Lots of fun! The more children type the more score they get.

5: Card The letters are arranged random based on the keys children choose. Type the letters on the card. This will help them to know well the basic keys.

With playing typing games, the typing program helps children easy master a skill needed in today’s computer oriented world. Download it at http://www.typingstar.com/